College or Workforce?

For some the choice between college or workforce following high school graduation is easy. Some are not given a choice and are either required to attend school by their parents, while others have no way to afford the cost of a college education and opt to go straight into the workforce. Unfortunately, a select few simply just don’t know what option is best for them, either they aren’t sure if college is the right place for them, they don’t know how to afford it, or even if they could get in. There are pros and cons to attending college, just as there are pros and cons to jumping immediately into the workforce. Statistically those who only have a high school diploma with no college experience or hours are going to make less money than someone who has a college degree. However, a degree is also no guarantee of a job in addition it can prevent you from getting jobs as the individual becomes over qualified simply because they have a degree. I have created two tables detailing the reasons to attend college and the reasons to jump in the workforce. If your debating whether or not you yourself should jump into the workforce or start making plans to attend college in the fall I highly encourage you to utilize the tables below to help in your decision making process.

Reasons to Attend College: Applies to Me: Does not Apply to Me:
I want to attend
My parent/guardian wants me to
I enjoy learning
I enjoy reading
I enjoy writing
I would like to pursue a career that requires a minimum degree.
I have scholarships in my name
I don’t know what I want to do Career wise.
I have a trust fund/money set aside for college.
I have a talent that I want to pursue.
I have to help out my family
I did not enjoy working while in High school/I did not hold a job while in high school.
Reasons to Jump into the Work Force: Applies to Me: Does Not Apply to Me:
I dislike school
I worked while in High School
I have a job lined up
My family has its own business
I have a successful business already started
I have a trade certificate that I earned while in high school i.e cosmetology license, mechanics license
I’m not sure what I want to do with my life write now.
I was not a good student in High School
I have a talent I know I can market
I have to help out my family
I enjoyed working while in High School.
I already have my own car/ reliable transportation

Tally up the marks in the applies to me section and which ever table has the most applies to me marks should be the register-23666_1280decision you consider most strongly. Of course everyone’s situation and just because you can’t or don’t want to attend college  immediately following graduation does not mean you never will or never should. Feel free to use these tables even if you’ve already been in the workforce for a while. I will have more articles on this decision making process in the future.

What made you decide to attend college or jump immediately into the workforce? Please feel free to leave your comment below.


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