Redesigning my Blog

Recently I have allowed by blog to slip off the radar, my heart just was not in it strongly enough to continue writing blog post after blog post surrounding the topic of food. Though I absolutely love food and cooking, there are a bazillion, other subjects that I would prefer discussing. It is for this reason that I threw myself so heavily into blogging and marketing research this last month originally to rekindle my passion and learn a better way to make this activity pleasurable again. What I learned was that I had jumped too quickly into a topic that there was never any hope of me being forever happy with. It seemed every book and article I read this month had the same thing to say about choosing your blog topic: 1) write about your passion, 2) write what others come to you for advice about, and 3) write about what you yourself enjoy reading. I have a vast number of topics that I enjoy pursuing and am asked for advice on a wide variety of things. However, what it ultimately boiled down to was that I love two things in this world more than anything else Writing and Research.

Now there are plenty of blogs on the topic of writing, so writing a blog on writing would in no way be a new idea. In addition, there are plenty of blogs related to books and reading. However, what you do not often see are blogs dedicated to the topic of research. Above all others, research is my greatest passion, mostly because I love to learn. So where you might ask am I going with this? Well, I enjoy asking questions and I am very good at finding the answers to my questions. Therefore, I am redesigning my blog to revolve around this new theme: Questions of an Aging Millennial. Many of my previous, blog posts will still be available, but for those who originally signed up for my awesome cooking, and kitchen advice you may notice that there is not as much of that showing up any more. As I go through different points in life’s many stages it is likely, I will develop multiple passions, which come with lots of questions and research on my own part. When I first started this blog I was immensely passionate about cooking and food, today I am more focused on working from home, budgeting, homemaking, blogging, networking, and living life frugally.

It is therefore with sad tidings that I say goodbye to Novice Cook to Home Cook and ask you my readers to welcome in my new blog theme Questions of an Aging Millennial. In the upcoming weeks, I aim to bring you more frequent and regular content concerning my everyday questions, answers, and research. In addition, I welcome all of my readers to ask me any question that they themselves have been dying to know the answer to. Those with questions that provide inspiration might just become the topic of my next blog post.

Looking forward to all of your wonderful questions in the comments below,



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