Time Doesn’t Wait on Dreams

travel-420011_1280I am taking a break from talking about food today to share more of a personal thought or realization. Every blogger knows that the act of blogging is itself a journey, a journey filled with highs, lows, and all around new experiences thoughts, ideas, and realizations. However, the choice to begin blogging is also usually the result of some life altering decision, experience, or choice. Some of us got into this activity after we realized that though we love to write we weren’t doing any writing excluding perhaps the one sentence idea that we would jot down planning to revisit later. In that instance we made a choice to start writing. Others of us made the decision to do it with the hope that one day we might be able to see some amount of success, just for doing an act that we love doing. Then of course you have those of us bloggers who experienced something in our life that showed us we won’t always have the chance to do this, at some point we won’t be able to create words, we won’t be able to come up with new ideas, and we won’t be here to keyboard-648447_1280even try.

My decision to begin blogging was a combination of all three in December of 2014 I learned that I was pregnant with my first child, after I had just made the decision to leave a job without having another as back up in the wings. It was my plan to find a new job that didn’t conflict so much with my husbands after all him and I only have one car between us and he was making more money at his job than I was at mine. So there was the life altering decision that would lead up to my being here. Despite being pregnant I spent six weeks of my time looking for a job that’s schedule did not conflict with my husbands and that paid better than the previous company I had been working for. This was a daunting task and left me at the end of six weeks feeling nothing but disappointment after all my husband had been able to locate a job within three days of leaving his previous one and prior to that had found the job he left within a two or three hour search. I was left with a choice to either A) Tough it out, and take my pregnant self on foot door to door trying to sell myself as a minimum wage employee despite my college educated background, or B) I needed to put forth the time and effort online creating a business and job for myself. The life altering experience of a new baby on the way sealed the fate for what my choice would be. I created a blog, and began researching freelance writing, locating jobs and slowly I was making money for my writing. Though it wasn’t near what I needed to be making in order for my family to have a sound future it was at the very least a start.

clock-439147_1280The first thing I love about pregnancy as unplanned and uncomfortable all of this has been is getting the chance to feel a beautiful life growing inside of me. The second is having the courage to follow my dreams and reach and achieve my goals. Even before becoming pregnant and jobless I had wanted to be a writer. In fact it is what I’ve wanted to do for the majority of my life. However, just like so many others I was daunted by the task of publication. There was no way I could abide by the stuffy rules of journalism to write for a paper or in my mind even a magazine. And the long wait of a book publication and the unknown return of the investment. I believed that I needed a day job while waiting to have any success as a writer. Well as being pregnant with a baby will teach you, time doesn’t wait for you to make your dreams come true. Instead, only you can make your dreams come true. I’m lucky to have been gifted with the patience to sit and write and research for hours at a time. I’m lucky to have a husband who is willing to work and figure out a way to make the bills work out every month. If I didn’t have these two things its likely that I would not have managed to get as far as I have in the last few months. As far as my current standing as a freelancer is concerned I’m having some relatively good success, I have two consistent gigs that I could potentially continue and grow with for the rest of my freelancing career. Plus a pending contract that would potentially provide me with a regular source of income (of course I’mwoman-446670_1280 trying not to hold my breath and count my chickens before they have hatched).

Being pregnant has opened my eyes to the immediate future, and making my dreams and goals a reality now rather than tomorrow. I want my son to know that no matter what you dream about doing with a lot of hard work and determination you can make it happen. I want his life to be filled with fun and adventure as well as many different experiences. I want him to feel and see the love of two parents who are willing to do whatever it take to make each others dreams come true. My husband has been with my through every step, he stood by me as I finished my college degree, and he is standing by me now as I slowly develop my career as a writer. One day it will be my turn to stand by him as he opens his own restaurant. Our son will see his parents dreams come true Daniel with his restaurant and me with my book on Barnes and Noble Book Shelves. In addition, our son will have the full embodiment of  that which only two parents who love and support each other as much as my husband and I do can give.

Time doesn’t wait when it comes to the achievement of dreams, tell me what dreams having you been waiting on to come true?


One thought on “Time Doesn’t Wait on Dreams

  1. I love this post! Definitely inspiring. No matter where you are in life you should follow your dreams, and I’m glad you had the courage to do so!

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