What’s in Season for Spring: 5 Must Try Recipe’s

A new season is just a couple of days away the northern hemisphere will officially swing into Spring this Friday March 20th and just as with any new season new vegetables and fruits go on sale. So which fruits and vegetables are in season during the next three months of Spring? Click here to find out.

Spring is definitely one of the most beautiful times of the year as the flowers come out to bloom, the weather is nice and cool, neither too cold or too hot (depending on exactly where you live that is). My favorite part of Spring is the blooming of the wild flowers along the highways and scattered across peoples yards. I love being able to finally open up my windows wide to let in a cool breeze, air out the house, and catch some natural light that has been long missed in the crazy cloudy gray months of winter. Yes Spring is definitely a refreshing renewal of all things…well…Fresh. Here are just Five of my favorite Spring time recipes complete with Spring time fruits and vegetables.


#1 Asparagus- I shared this recipe not that many weeks back and I must say as far as Spring Time goes this is one of my favorites!

Check out my amazing side dish/snack of baked Sea Salt Asparagus Here.

#2 Lettuce, Lettuce, Lettuce (I will be doing a full article just on this topic later in the season, but I must say I can’t get enough lettuces, and green leafies. Salads, are my go to in these Spring Time months. In fact, just last night I served myself a big bowl of salad made with Butter Lettuce (believe it or not there’s no actual butter involved) and a side of baked fish. Super delicious. My favorite way to make a salad?

One of my many salad experiments!

One of my many salad experiments!

Favorite lettuce (I like just about any and every leaf that I can happily eat raw), but my most favorite would have to be a combination of butter lettuce and the boxed SPRING Mix that you can get at most big box stores.

Chopped Red, Yellow, or Orange Bell of course!!!

English Cucumber Chopped

Handful of Cheese (Feta is my favorite though these days I’m using shredded American cheese)


If all I’m eating is a salad for a meal then I also like to add some type of protein

Either 1/3rd can of Kidney or Black beans, Grilled Chicken, Sliced Portobello mushrooms, or 2 Deviled Eggs

Then my favorite dressing I really like Kraft’s Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette as well as their Red Pepper Vinaigrette

Broccoli Steak, I cook mine on a cast iron stove top grill!!

Broccoli Steak, I cook mine on a cast iron stove top grill!!

#3 Broccoli Steak

Growing up I was a “weird” kid and loved Broccoli in fact it was my favorite vegetable I could eat it all day long raw, steamed, or covered in cheese it didn’t much matter to me. I still love broccoli today, and during my four year stint as a vegetarian I learned of unique ways to turn my favorite vegetable into an awesome main course! Broccoli Steak is just like it sounds it’s a full steak of broccoli, super simple to make it’s nearly impossible to mess it up.

Step 1: Take a large full head of Fresh Broccoli, Cut in half lengthwise down the stem, you should on average be able to make about four Steaks from one head of broccoli.

Step 2: Place on hot grill, you may choose to baste the broccoli steaks with Panzo sauce (Next time your having sushi at a sushi restaurant just ask for a couple of little to go containers of this awesome sauce.). You can also just baste with butter salt and pepper or, you don’t really have to add seasoning at all if your like me and just love broccoli. The slight charring the steaks will receive from the grill will provide the broccoli with all the flavor it really needs.

Step 3: Once the grill marks are noticeable on both sides of the broccoli steaks it really shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes total to cook the steaks (and even that might be too long depending on what kind of heat you are using so keep an eye on them). Once fully cooked, plate and serve.

#4 Mango

This is how my Husband cuts my mango. He's got Knife Skills!!!

This is how my Husband cuts my mango. He’s got Knife Skills!!!

Personally I prefer to just chop these little devils up and eat them raw, there isn’t much I would do to change a Mango

however for some awesome Mango recipe’s try clicking here. Some of the most common uses for mango are in Mango salsa, but there are also some more creative ideas like Mango Blueberry Muffins with Coconut Streusel

Also you might think of adding them to a smoothie, or if you have enough turning them into Sherbert, YUM!!!

#5 Fennel Chicken

I love to do baked chicken in the oven and I enjoy getting creative with the seasonings, one of the yummiest recipes I’ve tried involved using Fennel, garlic, salt, and pepper. It was very delicious!!!

This is what Fennel looks like.

This is what Fennel looks like.

Have a Happy Spring!!! Please share what awesome recipes you enjoy during these three months of the year in the comments below.


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