Thursday for Drinks: Buying Alcohol on a Budget

Spring Break is just around the corner and for some it might be here all ready. When planning your vacation fun you might be tempted to party hard and not think about the consequences the cost of the alcohol is going to bring you. And I’m not talking about DWI’s here, though please if you do choose to drink make sure you don’t drive. When you drink and drive you are not only putting yourself at risk, but you are putting others at risk as well. In fact when you drink and drive you are more likely to kill another person than you are yourself. So be smart.

Three things to remember when buying booze:

One: Know your limits, if your tripping over air after four beers then keep it at no more than four beers throughout the course of the whole day. This will one save you beer from day to day, two help to keep you from getting too hung over, and three keep you on a good buzz high throughout the day. Which honestly do you really want to be much beyond that anyway?

If you know how much alcohol you can handle you will know how much to buy for yourself that will last the week. If you can only drink four without getting smashed, and your planning a five day run of crazy than you don’t need anymore than 20 beers for the week. If five of you are in the party and lets say you all drink about the same amount, than 4 cases of beer should be more than enough to hold you over for the week. Be sure to buy in bulk and skip specs, and other liquor stores they will over charge you simply because they can. Go to your local grocery store such as Walmart, Costco, H.E.B, or Randals. You will save money in the long run if you do. a-glass-of-428315_1280

Not a beer drinker no problem. Walmart has excellent sales on wine, pick up a cheap $2.50 bottle of Pinot, believe it or not the flavor is almost on par with the popular Bella Sera brand. Also don’t be afraid to try out their reds if your more of a red drinker.

Again know how much you need for the week, and don’t over purchase. Stick to the less expensive brands, you might find that they surprise you.

Two: Get your friends to pitch in, if you are all going to drink the beer, shouldn’t you all pay for it? Collect five to ten dollars a person from everyone who’s drinking. This not only covers the alcohol it also can help with the cost of ice, and plastic cups. If your lucky you might even have enough change left over for a ping pong ball or two.

bar-463476_1280Three: Don’t spend the $3 and $4 a bottle at the bar, its much cheaper just to drink at home. If you must go out, before you do look into the local specials see what days and times bars in your area put different brews on discount. If you can get a $3 pitcher at 3pm go for it. However, if come 11pm the pitcher price goes up to $8 skip it, its not worth the monetary hangover you will find on your credit card statement later.

Wishing all of you a happy Thursday!

What are some of your alcohol money saving secrets? Comment below.


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