How to Create a Gourmet Kitchen on a Budget?

When I say Gourmet Kitchen I don’t necessarily mean it the way they do on TLC. For me a gourmet kitchen isn’t about the big kitchen island or the ten burner stove. It also does not include white cabinets (in fact even if I meant it the way they do on TLC it wouldn’t involve white cabinets). Am I the only one who’s noticed the way in which white cabinets tend to get ridiculously dirty, especially if you do a lot of cooking in the kitchen? Anyway that will have to be a different article all together. Let me give you my definition of a gourmet kitchen. A gourmet kitchen is one that is easy to cook in and has all of your necessary tools on hand. This should be possible in even an apartment sized kitchen.


So where do you begin? How do you create a gourmet kitchen on a little budget and with limited space.

First, you need to organize your kitchen and get an understanding of what utensils you have what they can be used for and what items you don’t have that could help you in broadening your cooking abilities. For ways of organizing your kitchen please see my article Kitchen Organization: From Junk Drawer to Microwave Placement. As far as understanding what items you are in need of consider a cooking style or trick you have always wanted to try, but have been unable to as a result of not having the right tools.

A few questions to ask yourself:

Do I have sharp non-serrated knives for cutting meats, vegetables, and cheeses?

Do I have pie dishes to cook my own pies at home?

Do I have baking pans for both square and round cakes?

Do I have at least a twelve cup baking pan for cupcakes and muffins?

Do I have at least 1 large pot in which to make large portions of soup or chili?

My family eats a lot of rice do I have a rice cooker?

Do I have a crock pot? Can Opener, strainer, food processor?

These are all examples of things that I’ve had to ask myself in terms of being able to make certain dishes, sometimes I had the necessary items, other times I did not. In fact there are still items I could really use around my kitchen. What’s on my kitchen wish list you might ask?

My Wish List

A strainer for making soup (I’m talking one with holes that are really small).

A large pot and I mean one that can hold a few gallons worth of material for larger soup portions.

Rice cooker

Crock Pot


Food Thermometer

These are items that would really open up my ability to cook a wide variety of interesting items. As it is though I would consider my kitchen to be pretty Gourmet in that there are a lot of amazing things I am able to cook as a result of it. From my dehydrator to my wok there’s a lot of items I wouldn’t give up for the world. To see my kitchen must haves please click here.

So what your hearing is that you need some pretty cool gadgets in order to have a gourmet kitchen and your probably thinking this is beginning to sound expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be, some of these items can be picked up for cheap at garage sales, and thrift stores such as Goodwill and Army Surplus. Many of these items also go on sale for cheep at different big box stores like Walmart, Costco, and Target. Even H.E.B for those that live in Texas has amazing deals on kitchen items. Also if you have kitchen savvy friends see if they are planning to get rid of anything in exchange for something better. My husband and I got a lot of our stuff because friends and family either didn’t use it anymore or because they had updated to a newer model even though their current one still works.


As far as that island goes, if your really searching for extra counter space in your home than think about purchasing a moveable island from your local department store, many of them also come with bar stools to provide extra seating for when guests come over. They fold away easily and work well as space savers.

Wishing you a happy How to Tuesday!!!


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