Perfect Asparagus Recipe

This recipe is perfect as a side dish or snack, I love cooking up a batch of these to put as a side for spaghetti, burgers, and chicken. Super delicious I can’t get enough of this easy fabulous recipe.



Sea Salt

Olive Oil


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Cut the fibrous ends off of the Asparagus typically they are slightly white at the end

Place on a baking sheet lay flat

Drizzle Olive Oil over the top of the Asparagus

Pick up the tray and move slight side to side allowing gravity to move the oil to so it covers as much of the asparagus as possible.

Sprinkle a thin layer of sea salt over the asparagus.


Place in the oven.

Depending on how much asparagus you use I should take anywhere between 5-15 minutes to cook to a slight crisp.

How to tell if it’s done:

The ends will be crispy and a dark forest green in color.

You should also be able to hear the popping of the oil.

The main part of the stem will be slightly shriveled.


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