Picking the Perfect Family Recipe

It seems every family has that perfect go to dish. You know the one that is not only comforting, but that also seems to make anyone who eats it happy. For some families it is mother’s meatloaf. Others it is pot-roast. With my family it was always spaghetti, no matter what we could always eat Spaghetti and everyone who lived in the house knew just how to make it. That is probably why you have seen it pop up so many times in my lists of important dishes for people to know. My husband and I are soon to be starting a little family of our own, and it got me thinking about family dishes and wondering about the way in which one always seems to become so popular.

Daniel and I have very different tastes when it comes to food; I was raised eating simple meals that didn’t have a wide variety of flavors running through them. As a result, certain things are often too much for me to handle. Daniel loves spicy food and a multitude of variable flavors when he eats. His two greatest style preferences are French and Korean cuisine. This makes sense since his mother is French and he himself is Korean (he was adopted). This tells me that it is likely our child is going to desire foods at a certain level of flavor like that of their father. It has sent me into a head spin development of ideas for what the future family recipe will entail. After all it must be flavor filled enough that my child and husband will desire to eat it, yet also mild enough that my stomach won’t end up in complete knots at the end of the day.

It caused me to look at some of the recipe’s I make now that Daniel and I both enjoy. He loves my pot roast, autumn pork chops, and potpie. However, I cannot forget the fact that it isn’t just me who cooks, after all Daniel is a chef by trade. I must also keep in mind that one of his many delicious recipes could easily make the top pick as the family favorite and recipe that the family chooses to go to before all others when figuring out what it is they are going to eat. As it stands right now, we eat more soup and or curry than we do any other meal. Whether it is me making it or Daniel, however not a single one ever turns out the same.

As it is a family recipe is not necessarily chosen, but rather it is discovered.

What meal does your family eat more often than any other meal?

What meal does everyone (more or less) know the recipe too in your household?

What meal best appeals to your families taste bud preferences as a whole?

What meal appeals to everyone’s dietary needs and restrictions?

What meal are you most comfortable serving to guests you invite to your family home?

When you answer the above five questions you will know what meal is special to your family.


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