VERTSKEBAP- East Riverside Location Austin, TX

I thought I would try something new out for today’s Date Night Blog Post, and share a good food place for couples and friends to try out who are living in the local Austin area.

This past Sunday, February 22, 2015 my Husband Daniel and I decided to try out a new restaurant that had opened up near our side of town. Vertskebap as it turns out happens to be a relatively new Chain restaurant that has popped up in the local Austin area. According to their website found here, they are also located in Dallas, Texas and will soon be opening up shop in San Antonio. Daniel and I were none the wiser to this refreshing chain until it recently opened in our area. The restaurant is unique not necessarily for what it serves (a variety of wraps, Kebaps, and Salads), but rather for the way in which its food is cooked. When I heard Kebap I initially pictured Shish-Kabob’s and assumed that’s what the location served.

This does look tasty!!!

This does look tasty!!!

It was a completely different experience upon entering the facility, behind the glass pained counter-top were four tall slowly turning longitudinal stacks of meat. My husband, always the chef, then informed me that Kebap is a way of cooking, and not necessarily a means of serving. The Kebap when ordered involves the filling of a thick pita type bread with your choice of meat, vegetables, and sauces. A variety of options are available including a vegan option. I was impressed with what was for me a new and unique way of cooking. Together my husband and I were both impressed at the level of customer service showcased by the staff. They were very quick to answer any and all of our questions. They moved the line through quickly not forgetting anyone’s extra side order of fries or Falafel (both of these items are considered extra in conjunction with the main Kebap, wrap, or salad entre. Drinks were also considered extra.

Here's a Copy of their menu!!!

Here’s a Copy of their menu!!!

The pricing was well marked thanks to a coupon Daniel and I had received in the mail we spent a combined total of a little over $20 for the two of us on our lunch date out.  Without the coupon we would have spent closer to $30, but either way the food was well worth it.

Our order included:

2 Beef&Lamb Wraps

2 extra charges of 75 cents to add Grilled Veggies

1 Bottled Natural Blueberry Soda (That was for Daniel)

1 Regular Fountain Drink for me

1 small side of fries

1 small side of Falafel

The food was delicious, so much so we actually went back the next day and tried the Kebap on bread. The second time around I chose the chicken and for me it was a lot lighter and easier to finish what with my pregnant belly causing so many issues with my digestion. Daniel enjoyed the Beef and Lamb combo so much he ordered it again.



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