Repurpose Old Recipes

Food can often become boring in college, after all having to spend weeks or months on end subsiding on Ramen noodles, coffee, cereal, and cut up hot dogs isn’t easy for anyone. We enjoy variety, but sometimes we’re just not sure how to get it. Today I have three recipes to help put an end to the same boring old College Kid meals.

if-the-203517_1280Remake Your Ramen:

Ramen is easily spiced up with the addition of shredded chicken, chopped vegetables, and/or the addition of a uncooked egg. How is this possible, with only a microwave?

Option 1: Buy a precooked rotisserie chicken from the store and shred off some of the meat mix in with your Ramen noodle of choice and voila you’ve added an extra dose of protein and changed up the consistency.

Option 2: Cut up some mushrooms or even a few carrots and celery pieces. If you want your carrots on the softer side I suggest boiling them in some water with your coffee maker. Another good suggestion is to saute the celery in your coffee maker with some butter. As for the mushrooms just chop them up and throw them on top of your Ramen and mix in. I really enjoy adding mushrooms to the oriental flavored Ramen noodle.  If you want you can even combine option 1 and 2.

Option 3: As you don’t want to risk any issues with Salmonella I do not recommend adding an egg to your Ramen unless you can do so over a stove top. However, if you are really craving eggs in your Ramen, with only a microwave as your tool cook the egg in a cup separate from the Ramen (just crack an egg into a microwave safe cup and put it on for about 30 seconds) and add it to your cooked Ramen.

Revamp your PB&J:sandwich-31956_1280

Tired of grape jelly, peanut butter, and mushy bread? Here are two ways to re-inspire your American Classic.

Option 1: Leave out the jelly and add some banana slices along and if you desire a drizzle of honey or a dash of cinnamon.

Option 2: Toast the bread using a toaster, so simple and so easy. It gives your PB&J a bonus texture that’s not so…well mushy.

Revamp your Tuna on Crackers:

Tired of the same Tuna mix? Spice it up. Think avocado and Cherry Tomatoes. Allow yourself to experiment and create new things.

If only our cracker toppings could all look like this!

If only our cracker toppings could all look like this!

Hoping, today’s post has brought about some inspiration for ways you can redo your college go to. Please share in the comments some of your re-dos on college classics.


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