How to Create a Foodie Bucket List?

I received this idea from a fellow WordPress Blogger Kassie, back in January she posted an article about her Bucket List and upon reading the article I was moved to create one related to my own blog theme. Please be sure to check out Kassie’s blog Here as it is really inspiring.

Just about everyone has a bucket list, you know that list of things you would like to do before you “kick the bucket.” Many people may not view eating as a big priority on that list, after all there are so many different things to see and do in the world, why worry about the food you consume along the way?

Well not only will eating the right foods keep you alive longer, certain foods will make your life more enjoyable as they release those good feeling hormones into your system. Also there are certain cuisines that not everyone gets a chance to taste, and if your goal is to visit some country in the middle of Africa wouldn’t you want to know you had the fullest cultural experience imaginable. Especially if you only get to visit that place once before you…well die?

So here is how I went about creating my ultimate Foodie Bucket List.

Step 1: I grabbed my hand written Bucket List


My Bucket List

My Bucket List

My Bucket List

Step 2: I examined what items would require fuel (of the edible sort of course).

My List was crunched down to:

Travel to Spain

Travel to France

Travel to Italy

Backpack my way across Europe

Hiking in the Mountains with my Nana

Walk the Camino

Visit India

Enjoy Christmas in the Mountains with Snow

Vacation in the Caribbean

Travel Across the United States (Road trip)

This cut my list down to 10 in particular goals. However, upon further review I realized some of these goals were intertwined with one another. My planned trip for the Camino is supposed to take me from France all the way across Spain. This cuts out two of my stops, unless I plan to also do an individual excursion in addition to the Camino trip. Looking at my life in its current state its likely I will have to choose between individual visits to the countries or one BIG WALK as the Camino translates to.

As it is a Backpack trip across Europe could easily bring me a visit to Italy, and a back pack trip could also be my Camino trip after all I do plan to walk the full 1500 miles or so as a means of achieving or at the very least getting closer to my spiritual enlightenment.


As it stands my list now consists of:

Backpack across Europe

Hiking the Mountains with my Nana

Visit India

Christmas in the mountains with Snow

Vacation in the Caribbean

Travel Across the United States

So how am I turning these six rather obtuse goals into a foodie Bucket List? I’m thinking about the amazing food rather than the beautiful artwork, architecture and culture I’m sure to experience.

Europe has a wide range of dishes to enjoy

In Germany its my goal to try sauerkraut for the first time.

In France I will likely give escargot a dare I say nibble? Not to mention the cheese, I must eat the cheese and possibly send some home for later.

In Italy…well lets just say I will be trying everything from wine to pasta to melon. There is nothing I want to miss about Italy’s food including the Naples pizza.

In Spain I’ve heard they serve up some of the best street food, and I don’t plan to miss out on the experience.

Of course no matter where in Europe I stop its my goal to hit up at least one open air market to purchase fresh produce straight from the people. When creating a foodie list keep in mind what is important to you. Do you like tasting the weird and the strange than find the craziest local cuisines of the area like scorpion, snake, or I don’t know maybe to you it would be weird to eat goat or lamb. Give it a shot there are no boundaries when it comes to the strange and unique of food.

If your the type who loves fine dining and eating in the five star of five stars, do your research know if the vacation spot you have always dreamed of also has a Micheline star rated restaurant in the area.

What I imagine to be the perfect view.

What I imagine to be the perfect view.

When I go hiking with my Nana, I have an ideal menu that I would like to have packed for the trip.

Nature Maid Granola Bars (The Honey ones and the almond ones)

Beef Jerky (I’ll probably make my own since its cheaper, healthier and so uber tasty).

Fresh apples

and Water

For me this is the perfect hiking trip snack and meal. Its also what we used to eat all the time when I was growing up and would go on hiking trips at the national forest.

On a trip to India I would probably be very nervous about the food situation after all it can be quiet spicy and depending on the region there can be concern for the level of hygiene and care taken in its preparation.

What I definitely want to try during my India trip however, is lots of vegetarian options. Its my goal to come back with at least five new recipes to try out at home.

Christmas in the Mountains with Snow.

Being a Texas girl, I’ve never seen”real snow.” Though I have had a few chances to see flurries and we once had just enough to make a mini snow man and a dirty snow angel. Haha.

My little snowman

My little snowman.

My ideal Christmas Dinner with such a beautiful setting would be popcorn, hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows, smores freshly made over the hot crackling fire, and a beautiful pot roast with potatoes and carrots on the side. So delicious. I’m drooling just at the thought.

As for my amazingly warm Caribbean trip I plan to eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as humanly possible, not to mention suck down a well made pina colada right out of a coconut. Of course I also plan to score through the local food scene and locate some of the island cuisine that comes highly recommend by who else other than the locals. No one knows their own country better than someone who has lived in it their entire lives. I want to try the food everybody else is eating. Even if that means eating pig face…or snout.


Last, but certainly not least my trip across the United States, its hard to know where to begin with this one after all the U.S has so many nutritious and delicious foods to test out. Not to mention the way in which food changes from North to South and East to West. Just about every state has there own way of doing things. For this event I will be making a full map with flags marking the different things that I must try while I’m in any state it is that I find myself visiting.



5 thoughts on “How to Create a Foodie Bucket List?

  1. Thank you so much, and I’m so glad to have inspired you! This is a great list. The pizza in Italy is delicious. And I would recommend trying the Käsespätzle at a brewery in Germany. Also, if you visit Kentucky, I can point you to the best pizza place around.

    Your list not only made me extremely hungry, but also added some things to my list! I can’t wait to here about your experiences as you cross them off your list!

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