Mardi Gras Celebration

Mardi Gras- New Orleans biggest block party of the year, kicks off this coming Tuesday February 17, 2015. People from across the United States and even the globe will flood the cobbled streets decked in beautiful masks, and cheap colored beads. The entire street will be rithing with the movement of bodies as music from the nearby bars, strip clubs, and dance floors flood the streets. Undoubtedly a fair few will take it upon themselves to put on the most self-deprecating show of boobs, butts, and sexual organ flashing in attempts to collect the flashiest and largest number of beads unlike those seen by anybody else.

For those of you who can’t make it to what is sure to be the best and biggest party in New Orleans this year no worries it isn’t difficult to throw a crazy fun shindig of your own. In this article I supply you with an amazing Party supply list as well as a few unique ideas for party food.


What you Need?

Multiple colors of streamers red, yellow, green, blue, and purple use the above image for ideas of the right shades.

Cheap plastic masks with elastic strings that can wrap around guests heads


Balloons (optional)

A bucket full of beads

Awesome dance playlist

Brightly colored table cloth that matches one of the streamer colors

Brightly colored plates, forks, spoons, cups, and napkins

Brightly colored serving trays (note some dollar stores sell Mardi Gras themed trays this time of year)

Mardi Gras theme fonts

Here are a few of the fonts that make me think Mardi Gras Party!!!

Now that you have the decorations its time to make the invitations, using a beautiful/Mardi Gras looking font, type up your invitations and print them out on the computer. Role each invitation up wrap with a mask and a couple of feathers. This is how your guests will gain entry, using a decorated mask.

Now that your invites are out and people are on their way lets talk about food.

New Orleans is known for their Cajun cuisine, mainly Gumbo, Craw-fish, and large hot Hoagies. Of course you can’t forget the alcohol infused Hurricanes and Hand Grenades available for purchase every few feet along Bourbon Street.

For Instructions on how to make the above mentioned drinks please see the following web links.


Hand Grenades

Note you will want to be careful serving this very high alcohol content beverages and make sure no one who consumes them drives themselves home that evening. If you worried about serving something so strong stick to fun party drink favorites like Margaritas and Daiquiris which while still high in alcohol content do not possess quiet the same level as is found in the New Orleans classics.


If you are going to be serving alcohol you must also be serving food. Make a big pot of gumbo, in fact make two pots a seafood and a non seafood you can choose whether or not to have a vegetarian option as well.

Another fun food option is to make Hoagie sliders.


Hawaiian King Rolls (or any preferred dinner role)

Mozzarella, provolone, or Swiss-cheese slices

Shelled shrimp or craw-fish tales if you can find them

Marinara sauce

Cajun spice Mix


Green Bell Peppper

Yellow Onion


Saute the shrimp or craw-fish in butter and Cajun seasonings

In a separate pan saute the peppers and onions till well caramelized

Once cooked through combine Shrimp, and the peppers and onions with the marinara sauce in a pan till well mixed and sauce is well heated.

Toast the dinner rolls slightly in the oven

Cut the rolls in half so you have a top and bottom bun place a table spoon or two of the fix with a half slice of mozzarella, provolone, or Swiss-cheese.

Finally, the centerpiece of any true Mardi Gras Party is the Mardi Gras cake if you bake your own, be sure not to forget the miniature baby that’s meant to be inside.


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