How to Reduce and Reuse the Waste that comes from Chopping

Happy How to Tuesday, spring is just around the corner and not far behind it is beautiful summer. During this time of year, you might find yourself eating a lot more fresh vegetables, and meat products including chicken, celery, carrots, broccoli, onions and those very tasty bell peppers. However, did you ever notice how much of all that you actually wind up throwing away? We cut up our vegetables and theirs always those pieces that may still have a decent amount of edibles on them that is thrown into the trash. Why? Did you know it’s possible to save those pieces?

Use all of it!

Use all of it!

Yes, all those nasty supposedly in-edible pieces can be used too, and I’m not talking about composting here, I’m saying you can actually use those pieces for food. Now don’t go out and buy a pig, the food I’m talking about isn’t pig slop either.

In the winter, my family tends to make a ton of different soups, after all what better way is there to warm your insides than with a big bowl of yummy hot soup. Soup always requires some sort of base or stock, and we often go out and for two to five dollars a soup, we buy premade vegetable, chicken, and beef stocks just to make soup! However all spring and summer you were throwing away the very ingredients used to make your own.

So how do you stop throwing away money, first get yourself either a big box of Ziploc baggies and/or a plastic tub with a lid that can easily fit and remain in your freezer year round.

Now next time you are chopping up vegetables and meat before you go throwing those bones and pieces that still contain edible parts on them into the trash. Place those parts in a Ziploc bag, and if your super organized you will include the date that you placed them in there on and stick them in the freezer (make sure the bag is sealed with as much air removed as possible to save space). If you want to just throw everything into one tub, no problem add to it throughout the spring and summer till it’s full, and come winter you will find yourself with a nice stock pile from which to make…well stock.

Not 100% sure how to make stock? No worries I’ll cover this topic and more as the year progresses.

Wishing you a happy Tuesday!



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