Super Bowl Party

Happy Saturday, tomorrow the entire United States will be parked in front of the T.V to watch the 49th annual Super Bowl Patriots vs. Sea Hawks. Some of you might be die hard fans of the sport and others just like the commercials and half time show which will be performed by Katy Perry and Missy Elliot this year. However, everyone enjoys the refreshments that a low key or big time Super Bowl Party brings.

Still can’t figure out what to serve at your party, that’s okay I’m here to give you last minute advice to throw together an awesome Super Bowl party. Whether your expecting a crowd of 20 or 2 you will find everything you need here.

First know your crowd are they sided towards one team or the other, is it a mix, or are the majority just there to see what funny commercials the companies are putting out for this years sports show. Pick out plates and cups with the big teams colors, if you can’t find the right color for the party, pick a neutral color that plays neither towards one side or the other. No football themed party is complete without football shaped serving trays and platters easily found at any dollar store.

Second make a menu to keep it family friendly choose finger foods that are both healthy and delicious, some helpful hints include Chips, dips, fruit/veggie trays, cheese and crackers, hot dog makings, chicken nuggets or hot wings (get a package or three that you can pop quickly in and out of the oven).

Third refreshments, no party is complete without something to drink if the party is all adults and you know the crowd is responsible enough NOT to drink and drive then grab a couple of packs of your crowds favorite community beer.  I know the crowd favorite in my group is Modelo’s, Austin Beer Works, or any finely brewed Beer from the other locals in the area. If you really want to have a good time pick up some quick mix margarita mix. If your expecting a crowd where kids are running around at your feet be sure to have some kid friendly staples such as Caprisuns, Koolaid, Lemonaid, or soda (have a both a caffeine and non caffeine option). Another great drink option is sweet tea.

Besides that all you really need is a comfy couch and a T.V to have a great time at your super bowl party.

Note: If the only ones watching are you and your significant other, keep things low key plan a menu that is more meal/snack oriented. Some great examples are sandwiches with all the toppings, nachos, build your own pizza, or have a  junk food evening where you grab all of your favorite no no foods and pig out during the game. As for drinks pick up your favorite relaxing refreshment whether that’s wine, beer, soda, sweat tea, or juice. Enjoy after all the Super Bowl is meant to be the nations biggest party of the year.



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