5 Minute Lunch Break

College was a busy time for me, if I wasn’t in class I was studying, if I wasn’t studying or in class I was working. The rest of the time I was sleeping. I had more than a few semesters where I was signed up for 16 and 18 hour course loads. When you are juggling a course load like that, finding the time to eat can sometimes be difficult. Some professors don’t allow food in the classrooms, so finding the time to eat can be daunting. In addition, during the majority of my four years at college I was a vegetarian. In this post I provide you with 3 ways to get lunch in during that five- ten minute dash between classes.

First, it takes extreme organization skills as you will need to bring a lunch bag or box with you on the days where your doing this. The most important thing to remember is pack light, and make sure you have a fresh cold pack ready every morning.

Ideally, you want a protein, vegetable, grain, and dairy product with every meal and if you can muster it a piece of fruit. So how do you do this is 5 minutes without choking? Well there are a few ways.

Option 1: (Fastest Option)

Simple and easy pack a smoothy and granola bar. The smoothy is easy to drink during class time, increasing your five minutes to as long as it takes your History teacher to talk their way through 14th century Europe. While your walking between classes you can pull out the granola bar to fulfill your grain requirements.

Option 2: (Healthiest Option)

Cut a sandwich in half, and rinse it down with your favorite fruit juice to fulfill the requirement for fruit. Note don’t attempt to eat both halves of the sandwich in the same break, unless your just awesome like that. Eat one half between one set of classes and then eat the other half between the next two classes. This will also keep you full longer if you spread your Noon-time meal across the typical lunch block. Another bonus, by cutting the sandwich in half you make it easier to carry as you walk between classes.

Option 3: (Super-time Crunched Option)

Plan to eat a late lunch instead, and bring small protein enriched snacks like trail mix and carrots with hummus as a way to make it through the hunger hour. Also don’t forget to drink lots of water, as this can help fight off hunger, making your stomach feel full.

Hoping this helps and wishing you well.



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