2 Ingredients 4 Step Salsa

Today I would like to share my easy 2 Ingredient 4 step Salsa. With the Super Bowl just around the corner everyone is scrambling for the perfect party dishes, whether it’s a pot luck or a dinner party this salsa is the perfect dipping sauce for guests who like to graze.

All you need is:

1 Can Rotell (Any brand of diced tomatoes and jalapenos will work)

Fresh Cilantro

A Blender or Food Processor

Step 1: Open Can DO NOT DRAIN, poor contents into the blender

Step 2: Take between a pinch and a small handful of fresh cilantro (you can use the leaves and the stems if you like, you shouldn’t need any more than three or four full stems for a large portion) add this to the blender as well

(NOTE: I place the cilantro on top of the tomatoes when using my magic bullet, in this particular blender you screw the blade portion on top as the lid. If you are using a regular blender or Food processors the blades are located at the bottom of the blender upon adding materials in this case steps 1 and 2 should be switched for optimum chopping of the cilantro.)

Step 3: Turn on blender and chop between 15 and 35 second depending on desired consistency (chunky or soupy)

Step 4: Pour and Serve

It’s perfect, simple, cheap, and easy. Tastes great with chips, on tacos, over Latin inspired salads, burritos and anything else you can see yourself putting salsa on. The best part you can decide if you want it extra spicy or not just by examining the spice level of the Rotell you purchase.


Have a Happy Wednesday! And feel free to share your super awesome salsa recipes in the comments below.


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