My Most Commonly Used Kitchen Items

My Most Commonly Used Kitchen Items

Obviously: pots; pans; spatulas; and mixing spoons are at the top of anyone’s list of Common Kitchen Items. This list excludes these particular kitchen tools and instead includes all other highly utilized tools.

#1Rotiserie with flavoring cone

This is definitely my favorite kitchen tool as it allows me to make the most amazing chicken on the face of this planet, the plus side being that I can change the flavor as I see fit. I’ve made your typical lemon pepper and barbecue chicken, but I’ve also experimented with flavors and seasonings including fennel, limes, jalapenos, and ginger (of course not all at once). If you ever find yourself considering the purchase of one of these awesome kitchen tools grab it, it’s worth so much one chicken can feed a family of five for a night and when you’re done the bones are excellent for broth. Buying your chicken whole is the best means of saving money and in addition produces the least amount of waist.

#2 Basting Brush

This item is best paired with my rotisserie however; it is also used with other items. The importance of a basting brush is for the even spread of oils, marinades, and other liquids across solid surfaces.

#3 Ceramic Knife

Every cook could use a sharp knife. I prefer the ceramic one I own as it requires no sharpening, this means it consistently will cut through anything and everything I need to chop, slice, and/or mince. Relatively inexpensive these knives are excellent choices for non-professionals, as they are not as easily dulled, as most metal knives tend to be. However, there is a downside drop this thing and it will shatter, so it’s definitely a big risk factor especially if you tend to be on the clumsy side.

#4 Silver Mixing Bowl

I love this bowl, though a relatively new item in my arsenal of toys it is one of my favorite items. The bowl is large and perfect for mixing chopped salads, batters, pie filling, and marinades. It has nothing to do with the fact that the bowl is silver or that it is metal, what makes this bowl amazing is its size as well as its shape. The rim of the bowl has a larger circumference than the bottom of the bowl allowing for a perfect means of stirring and mixing.

#5 Wooden Spoons

Many people would include mixing spoons, spatulas and ladles on their list of most commonly used kitchen items so what’s so special about my wooden spoons. They don’t conduct heat, and if I should accidentally walk away from the stove leaving the spoon in the bowl, I never have to worry about coming back to a string of plastic dripping down the sides of the pot I’ve been cooking in. I can’t tell you how many plastic utensils I’ve ruined either leaving them on top of the stove (not touching the burner, but left sitting on just the metal stove top), or sitting in the pot. I love that I never have to worry about this with my wooden spoons and that I can feel safe using them no matter how hot the pot or stove get.

#6 Magic Bullet (blender)

I use this blender on almost a daily basis for my salsa. In addition, it has also proven great for items such as smoothies, as well as the chopping of garlic. Though any blender or food processor would likely do an equally good job, I prefer the magic bullet for its compact size and ability to make servings for no more than one or two individuals at a time. This is perfect for the college kid, single person, or couple.

#7 Hammer

Yes, you are reading that right; though it is more of a heavy rubber mallet than a hammer, originally it was bought by my fiancé at a convenience store to fix the exhaust pipe on our car. The exhaust had fallen down and he needed it to hammer the hooks back over the loops. With no other use for the mallet it was put in the kitchen where we’ve used it to peel garlic. In addition, to garlic the hammer has also been useful in the tenderizing of meat. For those asking the question, yes the mallet was thoroughly washed before it was placed in the kitchen, and is always sanitized after use.

#8 Lemon Squeezer

Rather simply, I love lemon pepper chicken this means I often need fresh lemon juice in order to make some of the yummiest lemon pepper chicken you can imagine.

#9 Whisk

There are many uses for a whisk, uses that cannot be replaced by a mixer or a fork. Some of my favorite utilization’s for this item are “instant” muffins, fluffy eggs, and marinades.

#10 Large Measuring Cup

Most measuring cups hold only 1 cup at a time, often however, recipes will require more than just a single cup; it is in these moments that I am glad to have my four-cup measuring glass. Though it’s important to have a single cup measuring device, I feel having a larger measuring cup is handy as it saves you time that could otherwise be better spent completing the dish getting you just that much closer to eating it.


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