Four Recipe Inspiration Sites

I love trying new recipes, I don’t like eating the same thing over and over again, so to spice it up I often check out new recipes from across the web. The following four websites are great places to go when you are looking for something new to try, have ingredients you are unsure of how you want to use, and for fighting those strange cravings.

Website #1: For the Overworked Mama

This site isn’t just for Moms, it’s also for Dads and anyone who finds themselves short of time. At Ready, Set, Eat not only can you find your meals for the week, you can also make a grocery list, and see what ingredients are on sale at your local grocery store. Just sign up FOR FREE, go through the recipes find ones that you like and add them to your online recipe book, and see what ingredients are on sale at the exact place you will be shopping.

My personal favorite recipe from Ready, Set, Eat is their Fiesta Spaghetti with Meat perfect if you’re looking for a carb and protein enriched meal. It takes 30 minutes to make and only requires 7 ingredients.

Check it out here:

Website #2: For those in search of a kitchen adventure

Many of these recipes will probably take the novice cook a bit more prep, so these recipes are best saved for a weekend of cooking. Though they have some quick recipes as well, I’d use these for a special dinner party or even a special date night. If you spend anytime watching the Food Network you’ll definitely have heard of this site by now don’t be afraid to check out Bon Appétite.

Here’s the link:

Website #3: For a gourmet treat without the gourmet time stamp

Food52 is a fellow blog site putting out recipes for dishes that usually take hours, but with their recipes you can X-out the large time frame and enjoy amazing and beautiful food. Stop by and stumble through there some 31,000+ recipes.

Get clicking:

Website #4: When your lost

When I’m not really sure what I want to make, but know that I definitely want to cook, I check out what I consider to be the google of cooking the Food Network. Even if I don’t wind up cooking any of the recipes I find, I’m usually inspired enough after my search to make something amazing with what I have on hand. In fact, it was thanks to this awesome site that I came up with the recipe to my favorite Vegetarian sandwich.

Have a look around at:


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